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MOZOCOP stands for MObile ZOom COde Pages and is a website-builder, with which mobile websites can be made, especially optimised for mobile end divices such as Smartphones and Tablets.

Functionality overview

MOZOCOP pages are web apps and therefore they can be called on all mobile platforms and devices via the web browser. MOZOCOP pages are quick and easy to create, offer many additional optimized functions for smartphones and provide an additional benefit for customers.

MOZOCOP provides two ways to get your content into the MOZOCOP system: a content management system and an XML interface.

Editorial system:
The MOZOCOP content management system allows you to easily create, modify, delete, and manage your content.

The content management system is

  • easy to learn,
  • easy to use and
  • easy to maintain.


XML interface:
If you already have a database with your products, the XML interface is perfect. The data is automatically read over an XML interface into the MOZOCOP system. Afterwards, any changes will be made over the MOZOCOP editorial system.

Application areas

MOZOCOP sites are versatilely applicable.
Under the point 'examples', some ideas of application will be presented.


Scan the following codes with your mobile phone to take a look at the examples!


MOZOCOP for real estates

MOZOCOP you provide your prospective buyer with detailed information about your property mobile available. Put your QR Codes or NFC chips on signs, billboards, or the property. After scanning the code your prospective buyer can get specific information about the property: for example, details such as building size, number of floors and rooms. You can create image galleries and provide high-resolution plans of the property. As well you could display your contact information or a map to your office, so that your potential customers can reach your easily.


MOZOCOP for technical instructions

With MOZOCOP you can make your product, service and maintenance instructions mobile available. Just put QRCodes or NFCChips onto your equipment, devices or vehicles. After scanning the code, your customers will get the desired manual on their mobile phone.



MOZOCOP for vehicles

With MOZOCOP you can provide your potential customers with detailed information about your vehicles. Put QR codes or NFC chips onto advertisements, into brochures and on the vehicle itself. After scanning the code your potential customers will be able to see specific information about the vehicle: for example the mileage. You can also create an image gallery. The information can be saved on a Smartphone and your prospective buyers will be able to take a look whenever they want to.


MOZOCOP for products

With MOZOCOP you can give detailed information about your products, their ingredients, translations and hazard notes to your potential customers. This function is especially recommended for "special" products such as organic or chemical products. Integrate social media into your mobile websites, and add contact details. Galleries and feedback opportunities are increasing your value and the value of your products.


MOZOCOP as business card

With MOZOCOP you can make your very own mobile business card. There is a possibility of linking your contact information and social media with it. Using the VCARD format your information can be automatically integrated into the address book of mobile devices. Additionally, you can provide information about your company, your products and your services.  



MOZOCOP as a website

With MOZOCOP you can make your desktop-website mobile. Relevant information about your business can be provided mobile. Information such as contact details, opening hours and activities of your company are constantly being looked for the mobile web. A mobile website is indispensable nowadays.

mozocop ad


MOZOCOP for news and publicity 

Expand your articles and ads with additional information that can not be represented in a hard print medium such as video and picture galleries. Make your articles, magazines, advertisements or brochures with additional information available on mobile devices. These can be accessed all around the world, no matter what time it is.



MOZOCOP for art, culture and tourism

Put NFC and QR codes in museums, art galleries and attractions. Tourists can get the detailed information about the work, the sight or the whole museum after simply scanning the code. Make Art, Culture and Tourism to an exciting experience. Do not forget the kids! With mobile websites puzzles, quizzes and contests can be created. They also link to nearby playgrounds and ice cream shops. So sightseeing is fun for everyone!

Who benefits from MOZOCOP?
MOZOCOP offers self-employed, businesses and organizations of every size and from any industry inexpensive ways to present themselves on the mobile web.

MOZOCOP is the perfect solution for you if you

> want to increase your sales.
> want to stand out from your competitors.
> want to connect to customers.
> want to improve your online marketing presence.
> want to use new marketing possibilities.
> want have a modern presentation the mobile web.

MOZOCOP offers many advantages

> smartphone and tablet-optimized mobile websites
> an easy to use content management system
> templates for a professional content creation
> QR codes for magazines, brochures, advertisements, posters
> Support by the Mozocop-team

MOZOCOP supports you with

> URL Shortening
> URL Forwarding
> professional content creation using templates
statistic analyzes according to page and chapter calls


Pricing models

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