Small details - great impact!

High-resolution images increase customer retention

door2zoom is a solution which enables that images on your website can be zoomed.  This solution finds it's comprehensive application in the field of interactive spare parts catalogs.

Overview of functionalities

Deep-zoom functionality brings an added value for the presentation of your products.

Show your visitors detailed pictures. The viewer only has to click into the picture to smoothly zoom-in. This leads to excitement, entertainment and new experiences while viewing pictures on the internet.

This “rich media solution” or “on demand media solution” is generally used as Plug-In for existing websites or shop systems.   

Below you may see an example of door2zoom (click to zoom):

Areas of application

door2zoom is used

  • > by Web Designers
  • > build into eCommerce Solutions
  • > for fashion and lifestyle Produkte
  • > for solutions in the area of real estate
  • > for solutions in the area of technical maintenance
  • > for photo archives
  • > for the integration of documents
  • > in spare parts catalogs

For the complete roll-out to an eShop solution please visit door2shop.

Example video (English)

Who benefits from door2zoom?

Be one step ahead of your competitors: Compared to other technologies, this solution does not need plug-ins like Flash or Silverlight. Instead, you can define the layout with the layout-generator. The zoom-mechanism on the server is implemented as an AJAX-request, the same technology used by Google Maps.

High-resolution pictures with at least 12 Megapixel should be available. Typically, the file size is between 3 and 10 Megabyte and will be edited on the server (“rendering”), so that only the necessary image details will be transferred to the client. This reduces the size of the data transfer and allows an optimal performance. 

Pricing models
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