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Door2shop is a separated solution out of door2parts, an in the industry established software solution for spare part catalogs. door2shop is a specially optimized for the needs of B2B and B2C eCommerce solutions. Hosting con be done by the customer or by door2solution ("software as a service" or cloud computing).

Functionality overview

The core of door2shop are data structures and convenient interactive programs in which the information about the products will be collected and structured - to then be represented by very flexible custom forms in the shop site.

In door2shop there are different statistics available andthere is also the possibility of integrating Google Analytics and search engine optimization.

Multilingualism (translation management) is generally available for each of the individual topics listed here.

There are different themed statistics, analyses and reports available. Using the query tool, customized reports can be prepared and easily exported to an Excel-CSV.

Using an interface to eBay ™ data can be exported directly from door2shop into eBay.

door2shop is hosted on a server and consists of an integrated content management system for all relevant data and a flexible and optimized output module in which many special requirements and layout specifications can be introduced.

Areas of application

You want to sell your products on the web?
You do value Search Engine Optimization?
You also want to use your own eBay ™ shop as a distribution channel?
You are looking for a competent partner who knows his system by heart and therefore safely and cost-effectively implement adaptations?

...then door2shop is the ideal solution for you.

Who benefits from door2shop?
The shop solution for anyone who wants to sell products in a regulated shop system.
The ideal solution for B2B and B2C customers!
Functionalities in detail

There are extensive functionalities available:


In the area of articles, the following master data is available:

  • article number, article description, long texts, basis measure

  • image gallery (including zoom-function – see also door2zoom)

  • user-defined fields at item level

  • dimension-administration for articles

  • number of exchange and reference code, accessories

  • definable offering- or campaign marks

  • availability by warehouse

  • allocation of articles to product group, discount group on product group

  • several prices according to price indicator

  • definition of groups and subgroups for future presentation

  • validity periods on articles

  • miscellaneous ASCII interfaces


The articles will be presented in the shop, based on this master data and can be placed in the shopping cart by registered users (b2c) or anonymous, to be registered users (b2b):

  • collection of registered users (company, several people with individual passwords)

  • “forgot your password” function

  • allocation of discounts to discount groups at company level

  • validity periods on users

  • registration of anonymous users, placing of future log-in-data

  • allocation of possible shipping methods to companies


Beside a hierarchic structure (grouping of articles by groups), a comfortable AJAX-based search function is available in the shop. The user can navigate through articles and can fill up the shopping cart. Afterwards there are several processes possible:


  • save a wish list for later

  • place an order

  • overview of old orders


During the processing of an order, different data is requested:


  • customer address

  • delivery address

  • invoice address

  • method of payment

  • cash on delivery

  • advance payment (or delivery on account for b2b)

  • PayPal

  • mPay24

  • direct debit

  • shipping method (according to allocation of shipping method)

  • cashing of coupons

  • sales tax calculation (inclusive, exclusive, export UID)

  • currency conversion (automatic update ECB)

  • validation of UID-number (export only to Germany)

  • email to the customer with an order confirmation form attached

  • order download to the dealer for merchandise management


Several settings can be set:


  • registration and definition of payment methods

  • display on anonymize article number or material number

  • permitted countries

  • permitted currency conversions

  • deposit of cost per shipment method

  • deposit of costs per payment method and country

  • form definition

  • layout definition

  • coupon generator

  • due to predefined interfaces you can easily implement customer-specific processes which differs from the standard


In door2shop there are several access statistics available. It is also possible to integrate Google Analytics and the search-engine-friendly processing of specifically optimized contents.

Multilingualism (translation management) is possible for each of the described topics.

There are several thematic statistics, analysis and reports available. With the request tool customer-specific analysis can be prepared and simply be exported to excel-csv. Data from door2shop can be exported directly to Ebay on Ebay interface.


Additional features:


  • requests (field definition and mailing list in accordance to competence)

  • integration of documents

  • complete spare parts catalogs with all shop-functions integrated comfortably

  • rental solution (see also door2rental) 

Pricing models

The door2shop licenses are valid for a server (except for testing or backup systems).

The software usually runs on the customer's systems, but as an alternative we can also host a solution in our data centers offered by our partner HETZNER (

An other option is it to rent our software. In this case, the solution of door2solution is hosted in the data centers of our partner HETZNER (, that means we provide a non-dedicated server, operate and manage our solution for you and thus ensure a fail-proof operation. In this case, a fixed term of contact (24 months) is agreed, the software maintenance (patches, operating system upgrades, 7x24 operation) is already included in the price.

We are happy to present you an offer.