Find the right parts!

The software solution for an efficient spare parts management

door2parts is the software for the interactive spare parts catalog including variant resolution.
The Data is acquired from interfaces or merged from the editorial system.
door2parts is distinguished mainly by its full e-commerce functionality, ease of use and customization options.

Using our solution door2zoom, high-resolution images can be integrated into web pages.

Functionality overview

  • spare parts catalogue
  • B2B and/or B2C
  • Content Management System
  • eCommerce/Shop
  • variant list of parts
  • print engine
  • Global integration of different distribution channels (dealer structures)
  • easy usability

Areas of application

Door2part's main area of application are interactive parts catalogs, which are aimed at service technicians, national companies, dealers and customers. Depending on the severity there is a functionality in B2B or B2C, and door2parts scores in addition through document integration and variant matrix, but especially through it's sophisticated e-commerce functionality.

So the required informations for repairing or maintenance may be provided up-to-date, complete and correct.

Below you may see examples of the door2parts application (click to zoom):


Some customers use door2parts as content management system for their spare parts documentation and only take over the material master files from ERP systems such as SAP ERP ECC, Microsoft Dynamics , Infor, ProAlpha and many others.

In addition, complete parts lists from interfaces can be taken into door2parts. This is mainly the case when PDM / PLM systems are used. If such systems are not available, Excel and ASCII lists can be loaded using the Import Wizard quickly and inexpensively into door2parts. A special feature in this case represents our PDF2cat solution, that enables a data import based on PDF catalogs.

In practice, these methods are often combined by our customers, which is why door2parts is also considered one of the most flexible and seminal systems available on the market.

Graphics can be read directly from established image formats. The hotspots ( interactive areas in the image ) are taken from source systems or created using the already built-in door2parts hotspot-editor. CAD data can be taken, for example as SVG files from systems such as 3DVia Composer. Should there be any interactive 3D models which need to be integrated in the spare parts catalog, then plug-in components such as Lattice 3D are required – of course all the other image formats require no plug-ins and they yet offer a Deep Zoom functionality without any installation needed.

Documents are being included as common file formats coming from a PDM / PLM or entered manually in the content management system.

The orders generated in door2parts can be further processed with ERP systems. For the B2C-area, door2parts has the common interfaces, for example PayPal and other payment systems.

Example video - exclusively for dealers (German)

Example video - exclusively for industrial customers (English)

Pricing models

We offer various solutions of door2parts - and various pricing models too - in order to fulfill an optimal adaptation to your requirements.

The door2parts licenses are valid for a server (except for testing or jaw systems). The device software is usually on the customer's systems.
As an alternative there's the possibility to rent our software. In this case the solution of door2solution is hosted in the data centers of our partner Hetzner ( means we provide a non-dedicated server and operate and maintain the solution for you.

We are happy to present you any offers.