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We communicate at your eye level

We are an autonomous, independent and international oriented company.
We give you solutions that relive the business and provide additional value.
With our prospective, innovative and sustainable solutions we are setting standards.

We orient ourselves on values such as quality, trust and appreciation.
Our long-term customer relationships are very important to us, but we are also continuously looking for any possible new ideas.
Cultural acceptance and a pleasant working environment is stimulated by us.

Our management

door2solution software gmbh was founded in Austria and is an owner-managed company. For more than 12 years door2solution offers standard software solutions in the field of industrial spare parts business. 


Our solutions

door2solution offers standard software solutions and consulting services in the field of electronic spare parts catalogs, e-commerce and shop-solutions in the area of spare parts management.

Applications areas are particularly machines or vehicles, where it is important to transmit information quickly, completely and correctly to a larger group of users needed for repair or maintenance. Particularly in the automotive industry, many advantages arise from the easy to handle variants

Through our innovative and modular approach, we achieve a very high level of functionality and it is easy to use. Our software solutions run completely on the Web - the technical requirements for servers, operating system and databases are extremely low - which saves investment costs and lowers the total cost of ownership.

We are also looking forward to national and international inquiries regarding specific software solutions that will be built according to customer requirements.

Our quality

The processes are controlled by a quality assurance system that guarantees the highest service to our customers. We provide the background for a smooth run of our software so that an optimal performance of your solution is not restrained.

The quality of our work should be accessible to our customers.

Our employees are highly motivated and enjoy their work.

This is something we can be proud of- to make yourself a picture of the way we work and the progress of your solution, we warmly welcome if you ever want to visit us in our office.

Each project is personally (co-)supervised by the CEO from the beginning to the end, which guarantees you the highest level of professionalism and at the same time an internal check.

The orientation is based on the pma (Austrian Project Management Association) standards prescribed and recommended for projects.

Our partners

Should there be a need of implementing any additional solutions, we are working with partners who convince their customers with consistently strong performance as well as we do this with our customers.

Career & Recruiting

We think it is important to stipulate and stimulate people at the same time.
It is desired to contribute their own ideas and to add personality.
Employees should be able to take responsibility and stand up for their projects -
Then also be able to enjoy their success.

The development of our employees is important to us, because only when our employees grow – we are able to grow as a company!

What we require:
Commitment, understanding, "hands-on" mentality and knowledge in the area for which you apply.

> > > Developers

We are constantly looking for competent team members in the field of software development.
Send your applications to
We are looking forward to meet you!